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How Old is Too Old to Start Acting?

How Old is Too Old to Start Acting?

I’ve heard this before…”I’m too old to start acting now.” I understand the question about starting new careers. But here is one of the greatest things about actors and acting – there is no age limit!

Acting is wonderful and versatile. Our approach as actors over 50 may change, but the principles remain the same, no matter our age. And the acting bug can hit at any time and in any season! So if you’ve been inspired to join the stage, don’t let a 50-plus status make you think you’ve missed the boat. This could be your perfect time to start. With that in mind, I’ve put together a few tips for getting started!

  1. Take a good acting class – This is the number one most important thing someone can do if they want to become an actor. As with anything we try, a class can help us with the basics and the same holds true for acting. With an acting class, you will learn basics like breathing techniques, vocal projection, and stage blocking (the plan for moving around the stage during scenes). But here’s one of the best and most fun parts in my opinion. You get to play around using your “acting muscles” on a regular basis with other people who share your passion, young and more seasoned. Did I mention this is the most important thing?
  2. Get some headshots – Yes I said it. Here at Pigs Do Fly Productions, we focus on theater that highlights those of us who are actors over 50, but we still require headshots and resumes so that we can get a better idea of the people we will be auditioning. But don’t get sucked in financially on this one. You can do this on a budget! If you know anyone who has been acting in your area, ask them who they used.
  3. Get some experience – Build your acting resume by looking for opportunities to stretch those acting muscles. You could start by building your skills by applying for opportunities like readings, commercials, short films, student film projects and plays. You can also join a local community theater. Acting is a muscle that can be developed at any age (and DOES) but just like any other muscle, it needs to be stretched and pushed to reach it’s full potential. These are just a couple of great ways to gather some important experience.
  4. Have fun, even when it’s a challenge – For me, there is nothing more exhilarating than the wide world of acting. If you think you want to be an actor over 50 and you find that same passion, have fun with it even when things don’t turn out the way you want. There will be casting calls you aren’t invited to and parts you don’t get, but if you’re inspired, keep pursuing it. It’s worth it!

If acting isn’t on your to-do list, that’s okay. Take this time to support those of us bitten by the acting bug who have passed the 50-plus line. Join us for our upcoming show! MisMatch.com opens on March 15, 2018 and runs through April 1, 2018. Check out all the details for show times here! Tickets are on sale now.