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3 Reasons Why NOW is Your Time to Shine

3 Reasons Why NOW is Your Time to Shine

I’m just gonna go ahead and say it… 50 is the new 30. It’s true. We’re starting families later, we’re living longer, we’re way more active, we’re taking better care of ourselves and we have more time to enjoy what they used to call our Golden Years.

Now, I agree, they are Golden. But not for the same reasons one may think. Not because we can finally kick back and put our feet up, not because we can sit back and veg out, not because we can binge on the soap operas we’ve missed for the last two decades. Our 50-plus years are Golden because they’re our time to really shine! They’re our time to realize and act on our passions, to be who we really are, without apology or hesitation.

For me, that means shining in the theater. I started Pigs Do Fly Productions because I believe there is a spotlight that desperately needs actors over 50 to fill it! We are talented and funny and smart and we have stories to tell and joy to bring. But a new study called Seniors on the Small Screen reveals that even in the highest-rated TV shows, aging characters are underrepresented and stereotypically portrayed. In fact, the study showed that out of 1,609 speaking characters analyzed, only 9.4% of them were 60 or older. However, we’re changing all that one production at a time by putting stellar actors over 50 at center stage!

Here’s why people 50-plus are valued and in demand – on and off the stage – and it’s your (and my) time to shine!

  1. Your life experience gives you character. This isn’t your first time at the rodeo and that’s what makes you the special person you are! At 50-plus, you have so much to offer to the world. Take all that character you’ve acquired, and get into character on stage or volunteer for a cause you believe in or create something you’d always dreamed you could.
  2. You have a new kind of time on your hands. Whether you spent the bulk of your life thus far working, raising a family, traveling or all of the above, the 50-plus years offer a new opportunity to invest in yourself. You have more time, more hours in the day, and you should use it well!
  3. You have a responsibility to the generations that come after you. People look up to you. Your children, grandchildren, colleagues and friends – they admire you and they learn from you. Studies demonstrate millennials are desperate for mentoring even outside of their workplace… that’s a fantastic opportunity for the 50-plus crowd. Show them that the 50-plus years have so much to offer, that they’re really the beginning of a whole new act!

Whether you’re an actor over 50, or a writer, a musician, a lawyer, accountant, farmer, engineer, parent, aunt, uncle or dog walker, you have a gift to share. How are you doing it? What are your plans for shining in your 50-plus years? Tell us in the comments or head on over to Facebook and join the conversation there. And, don’t forget to sign up to get our monthly updates to stay on top of the latest happenings, auditions for actors over 50, upcoming shows and more!